Just Because


I’m not gonna lie. i’m not that kind of fan who brags about Ot9 anymore. Because business was just business, right?
OT8 has been great in the stage, and Jessica seems enjoying her business-life. The funny thing is, this ice princess is really know how to play a joke.. no.. or the company’s marketing staffs are clever as f. This morning …  she dropped 15% discount for her brand, Blanc & Eclare with a title “Just Because”. What a coincidence!

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Right now, many people talks about its coincidence. Like why “Just Because.”? that words “Just Because.” left people hanging like “oh? … oooh.” and  there is no other reason. Just Because, cause you could. “Just Because” in September 30. “Cause you could ” … Cause she could did that in September 30, it such a code, or maybe no…. not at all, it just an ordinary title for a common discount. Or it’s just us who thinks about it too far.


“Just because” is used to imply that the doer’s actions were not guided by any purpose and the act was performed only for the sake of it, or on an impulse.

The doer’s actions were not guided by any purpose. 

Only for the sake of it

or on an impulse.  In other words , done by one’s own choice,  of someone’s own free will or design, not forced or compelled. 

If anything is true, what a relief!  At least the decision that she ever made.. that was not from anyone but her. She wasn’t being forced. She was happy with her own choice. If she is happy, i’m happy too.
So, you think..  from this post i told you all that Jessica was lying about her being forced? NO , BIG NO. I just analyze everything, everything is just my possitive assumption about the tragedy back in 2014. No biggie, it’s a free world.

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