‘Jessica is kicked out by SM’ Reaction : Under Pressure, We Stand.

We stand together for her, and the rest of the group also the whole fandom.. S❤NE.

This morning i was about to finished my handwriting, and then a friend sent me allkpop’s article about Jessica.
I opened her message, i clicked the link. I read the whole article, and i remembered my assignment hadn’t finished. It left me dumb, 5am sharp .. i tried to hold my pen, continued to write something. I just lost my words right now, honestly i cried alot this morning in front of people in my school, leaving them dumb.. why i was being so random. I even can’t answer my test today.

People in twitter seems so bipolar, it scared the hell out of me. They acted like they were angry, 5 sec later they acted like they were panic, then they acted positively.. fandom blew up scared me out. I hate to see the other sone said that they were sad, but they even didn’t know what’s the reason. They feel dissappointed in no reason. They cant define their feelings. It’s so heartbreaking.. We cant define our feelings.

My heart will be never strong enough to remind soshi as OT8, they are 9.. 9 is soshi, soshi is 9. In my memories, Jessica will never ever erased. In my memories, she will always with the girls. One thing that i know is.. Sept 29th was the day that i want to go back to…. If i could go back to September 29th, i would spent the whole day with sone in twitter, teasing Jessica around in weibo, and i would never leave the day wasted.

I was excited about our upcoming fan events only to shockingly be informed by my company and 8 others that as of today, I’m no longer a member. I’m devastated – my priority and love is to serve as a member of GG, but for no justifiable reason, I am being forced out.” I almost couldn’t believe that she typed it in 5AM sharp. Was she crying? Was someone there to patted her back? Was any of the member there for her? and i even imagine how excited Jessica for their fan events was! It’s leaving some dumb questions in my mind. She’s our ice princess, the princess that we used to protect and forever will be protected by us. The image of excited Jessica is feeling my head, she woke up with smile and then her company said that she’s no longer a member.. they erased her smile.The smile that we will barely see. In betrayal, she typed in her weibo.. her eyes was red, crying, powerless, and she was barely feel her knees. The smile that we will barely see. I just can’t take it… i can’t imagine it anymore.

I dont care if she will marrying that Tyler guy tho. But please, dont breaks our OT9 like this. Please makes another full album, that’s be a good farewell for us. At least we are preparing our heart.

Me.. my self, i’ve no idea what’s going on with the other 8 members’ mind. As a fan i just could make some speculations.. They betrayed, faking smile, and walking against SM by giving some action in fan event lately, Seohyun effin’ cry an ocean. Our maknae showed it.. the feelings of standing under pressure. Somebody might said that their bond was actually a fake image made for broadcast, i denied it.. i believe in their bond, either it’s real or fake.

They are insdestructible and unbreakable, nothing is bull shit. They can be divine. A top the ground that grew cold,if Jessica going to walk barefooted and our warmth will support her. Until the day comes when the light shines through the gaps in the clouds and there is no goodbye. Because their feelings are one..

Our feelings are one.

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