KhunFany Fan Reaction: They Make Adorable Couple,and We’re Okay

1st January, 3rd January,and the new one.. 4th April. Tiffany and Nichkhun look cute together. Their eyes,theirnose,their pretty and handsome faces. Everything sounds fine if they’re together. One thing that we must remember from now on,our support is needed. Fans are like a family for their idols, if they’ve something done and we just like “Oh so you did that?” they would upset,right? So,we need to support her no matter what.

I got this news from allkpop this noon. Probably,i was in the center of my school’s big project meeting. When the first time i knew it,i was like “What kind of rumour is this?this is not funny at all.” and then,a friend of mine said “Its real, both of their agency confirmed it.” Ok, can you imagine how i hate the ‘confirmed’ thing? I shocked as hell. I was bout to cry. Everything seems blurry. Tiffany and Nichkhun,both of them are from two big korean idol groups and each of them are having passionate fandom. I couldn’t handle this thing,andi thought fanwar would come after. I even couldn’t think properly in the between of meeting. Damn timing.

From a fangirl point of view,” I’m okay.They’re cute together,and have a long last relationship,Tiffany! ” If they can bring their relationship to the next level,maybe you can imagine how this couple will make some cuties born in this world. Congrats Tiffany, you got a so handsome guy!

I see many Sone out there look so strong and both of grateful and happy. But ibet,some of them hide it,in the deepest of their heart “How can this thing come up so fast?” or may be ” God, i’m not ready yet.” “Damn you reporters!“. I hate the reporters so much, can they wait tili got home and take a nap,then,bam! the article come out. That’s better,i would have such a big preparation (?).

However,we love you guys. You two are cute and awesome. KhunFany is real,shipper you should make a big party tonight. KhunFany you get my support! Cheer up guys!

Right now.. Tomorrow.. Girls’ Generation.
Good night.

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