Its Yoona Day!

Yoona has celebrated her 24th birthday.She greets a warm message to the fans for birthday wishes.Taeyeon also shared some selca from Yoona’s birthday party.The members of GG are now celebrating it.

Taeyeon show her love to Yoona with,”YoonA, Unnie loves you a lot #happyYOONAsday“~

Us nine are always together. Soshi just can’t help it^^ I just couldn’t pick out a good picture [that shows everyone]“~

Starting about 2 years ago, when time went by, one year at a time
It felt like I was starting to lose the pleasure that comes with birthdays
But while having a birthday party with my members yesterday
And it must be because I received birthday wishes from so many people
But thinking that I am a happy person and am receiving love like this
It’s a full birthday that’s somewhat making me choke up^^
With birthday wishes that come into view wherever I go on the internet
I very very thankfully received the immense amount of love that fans have given me~
I will continue to become great and pretty so I can receive this great love^^
Today’s weather is nice, so I feel even better~
Everyone~~~~I love you~ Thank you♡
Let’s meet at the concert^^*One cut with Syoung unnie who came late after her schedule yesterdayㅋ

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