[Pack] Girls’ Generation as The Ambassadors of TrueMove H


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Will update if another goodies from truemoveh release

-Thailand event

On May 21st,Girls Generation attend on TrueMove H’s grand opening event for “True Beyond” at Parc Paragon in Siam Paragon, Bangkok.


-Live Wallpaper

Finally,TrueMove H webblog released a page for Girls Generation http://truemoveh.truecorp.co.th/girlsgeneration/.And for download Girls Generation Live Wallpaper you can enter the link below:


or if your Android smartphone supports live wallpaper you can download the clips below and then follow the instruction:

INSTRUCTION for those who want to make it their Live Wallpaper:
1. If your Android smartphone supports live wallpaper, you can download the App ‘Video Live WallPaper’ from the PlayStore. [LINK]
2. After installing, go to your home-screen, press the Menu button then press Wallpaper.
3. Next, choose Live Wallpapers, and there you will see Video Live Wallpaper which you have downloaded, press that.
4. In the next window, press Settings, then press Video Source, select the folder where you have placed SNSD’s clips which you have downloaded, then press Set Wallpaper.  That’s it.
5. Note that all the videos which you have placed on the folder which you selected will be played one after the other, so if you only want one member to loop, just place one video there.




True Beyond Camera Aplication

All Credits:


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