120721 Hyoyeon For The Win!

On Friday July 20 2012,that was finale round for MBC’s Dancing With The Star  Season 2. Hyoyeon and Hyungseok got 10 + 9 + 10 point in 1st round same as Choi Yejin’s point. In 2nd Round,Hyo and Hyungseok who wore blue outfit  for their performance got 10 + 9 + 10  point wif Hush Hush,so it tied 58 point same as Yejin’s which got 29 for 2nd Round. Yoona and Seohyun attend on DWTS2 studio for cheering hyoyeon,While Sooyoung visited Hyoyeon in her studio practice and gave her some cupcakes.

Hyoyeon and Hyungseok were the Runner up for DWTS2,even hyo wasn’t the winner,sone always proud of her work in last 12 week for Dancing With The Star 2.Girls’ Generation’s members sent votes saying, “Hyoyeon♥♥,” “Hyoyeon is number one,” and “Judges, please give Hyoyeon a good score.” With the long messages, all the text votes were declared invalid.

Quoted from Chunyoon twitter,Yoona and Hyoyeon were crying.and Quoted from Queen Of Space Twitter  “@Queen_of_space_: I personally gave Hyo the SONEs messages. Her eyes lit up & she said she was very very thankful” .

Hyoyeon JJANG! even you’re not the winner for DWTS2,Sowons are really proud of you!like what fany said,you’re The Real Dancing Queen! 🙂

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