120720 [FROM. HYOYEON]

[From. HYOYEON] Thank you~♥ Hey Hyoyeon Imnida~DWTS2~Thanks for the fans which suporting every friday night until now and fans who also voted~ ,Sincerely thank you,I will show you a new and greater me,Please continue to support me and Hyungseok,Thank You So Much~

120720 SM Artist Shared Their Selca

Yesung first tweeted a group photo“At the set of SM TOWN Exhibition. Stay tuned!”  Then,Eunhyuk tweeted “Anchovy’s dignity. I’m not trying to promote it necessarily, but SM Town will be on tomorrow’s ‘Entertainment Relay.’ Oh and SM Exhibition will take place at COEX from August 10 to 19.” There were Suju Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun,SNSD Yoona and Sooyoung,TVXQ… Read More 120720 SM Artist Shared Their Selca