[VID/Full] 120504 SNSD TaeTiSeo (TTS) Sukira Kiss The Radio

120504 Sukira (Taeny part):

Q: Who remembers members and staffs’ birthdays most well?
Taeyeon: Tiffany!

Q: How about the member who is the stingiest?
Taeyeon: Can we pick from all 9 members? (To Tiffany) Who…?
Ryeowook: So Taeyeon ssi is saying that the stingiest person does exist..
Taeyeon: Nono I don’t mean…
Tiffany (to Taeyeon): So who is that?
Taeyeon: Firstly, Tiffany is the least stingy one.
Ryeowook: Taeyeon ssi, don’t tell me.. the stingiest person is you?
Tiffany: Nonono, some times ago I bought coffee for her, then when I got home, she came to me after about 5 minutes ‘Here, I’ve bought nice food for you’. She bought for me 2 times as much (as what I’ve bought for her) *Laughter* (To Taeyeon): Am I right?
DJs: Woah…
Seohyun: So cool.
Tiffany: Taeyeon is really generous, to me.

TRANSLATE credit : imwhywhy@twitter                                                                           

Video credit :@youtube



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