Yoona wants to have a son in the future?

Yoona wants to have a son in the future?

On the upcoming episode of JTBC’s ‘SNSD and the Dangerous Boys, the boys’ mothers appeared as special guests and Yoona made a surprising statement, saying that she wants to have a son.


Upon the surprise appearance of their mothers, the boys could not hide their joy. The boys, mothers and Girls’ Generation played a game of yut. Throughout the missions such as ‘Randomly dance with mother’ and ‘Kiss your mother on the cheek’, the boys and their mothers showed much affection for each other. When Yoona saw Kim SungHwan and his mother locking arms together, she said, “They look good. I want to have a son in the future as well.”

Sooyoung, on the other hand, was watching the boys dance and shed tears because she could see how hard the boys have practiced one week before the competition.

Not only Sooyoung but also Kim HoiHoon’s mother, who have seen her son dance for the first time, shed tears upon the boys’ dance. Also, Girls’ Generation praised the weekly improvement of the boys’ dance, causing anticipation for the boys’ performance in the competition.

[Indonesia Translate]:

Pada episode mendatang dari ” SNSD and The Dangerous Boys”,ibu dari the Daengerous boys akan menjadi tanu khusus dan Yoona membuat pernyataan yang mengejutkan dengan mengatakan bahwa ia ingin memiliki anak laki-laki.

Setelah mendapat kejutan dari ibu-ibu mereka,tha Dangerous boys tidak dapat menyembunyikan kegembiraanya.Dangerous boys,SNSD dan para ibu memainkan permainan yut.Selama permainan seperti ‘Randomly dance with mother’(menari bersama ibu secara acak) dan ‘Kiss your mother on the cheek’ (cium pipi ibumu),dangerous boys dan para ibu menunjukkan kasih sayang yang lebih satu sama lain.Ketika Yoona melihat Kim SungHwan bersama ibunya berangkulan,ia berkata”mereka terlihat sangat baik,aku ingin memiliki anak laki-laki nantinya.”

Di sisi lain,Sooyoung yang menyaksikan the dangerous boys menari lalu meneteskan air mata,karena ia bisa melihat berapa sulitnya the dangerous boys berlatih satu minggu sebelum kompetisi.

Tidak hanya Sooyoung namun  ibu dari Kim HoiHoon,yang dapat melihat anaknya menari untuk pertama kalinya,juga meneteskan air mata saat the dangerous boys menari.SNSD juga memuji peningkatan mereka dalam seminggu ini dari the dangerous boys dance,yang membuat the dangerous boys semangat dalam berkompetisi.

Source: Newsen

Translate from English to Indonesiah: Viona@update2SNSD


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