SNSD Yoona, in ‘sexy abs’ public

[Billboard Korea] girl group SNSD Yoona’s fantastic abs attract attention.


Recently an online community bulletin board “concert in Thailand Yoona, Goddess in beauty to abs?” Was shown a photograph of the title.


Photos of Girls in Asia in the last 12 days show ‘Generation Girls Tour (Girls `Generation Tour)’, performing shows in Thailand.


Yoon, especially the delicate feminine shape and appearance, but no anti-trodden abs exercise has demonstrated the elasticity of it aroused netizens. Known to be toxic in the entertainment industry Yoon dry, but you’ve got a strong reversal uioeda abs.


Photo netizens facing a “dry line, I thought Yuna”, “I think that movement,” “abs’m solid”, and reacted.


The Girls of the Asian Tour, the 13th returned home after a great success.

photo + article source: @billboard_k

TRANSLATE by : viona@update2SNSD

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